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Digital Notes app for your Mac, iPad and iPhone

Collect your thoughts, think, write, brainstorm, and create the perfectly looking notes with this powerful, all-purpose, productivity tool.

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Outline Features

Outline is fully equipped to be your everyday tool

Powerful & Simple

Feels Like your Paper Notebook
Start typing anywhere on a page and move your notes around, just as you would with pen and paper. 
Great Editing Tools
Create sophisticated and visually appealing documents similar to a traditional word processing app.
Hierarchical Notebook Structure
Efficiently organize your data in a customizable order that suits your needs and preferences.
Various Type of Content

Text Notes
To-Do lists


safe & secure

AES-256 Encryption
Protect individual sections, ensuring the privacy of your notes. The Advanced Encryption Standard helps there.
Touch ID & Passcode
Set automatic passcode lock or use Apple's fingerprint-based identification technology to guarantee that your personal data remain secret.
Local Storage
Keep your files locally since Outline is not tied to a specific cloud.
Built-In Backup Function
Restore old fragments of information, even if you deleted them long ago.

Ultra accessible

Everything at Hand
Say goodbye to file searching with just a few clicks and store your information with ease.
Links, Tags & Search
Navigate your notes using inter, intra, and wiki links, and effortlessly find specific ones through the use of tags and flexible search.
iPad & iPhone Apps
Make all your data readily available on the go with Outline for iOS.
Offline Access
Get your content from anywhere, even without an Internet connection.


Sync with a Cloud Storage of Your Choice


SP Server
SP Online
Even your own

Enjoy the Gains
By storing your notebook files in a cloud folder, you can ensure backups in multiple locations.

Compatible with OneNote

100% compatible with MS OneNote
Outline allows you to work with local OneNote notebooks on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. 

Experience the Power
Of this integration for yourself by downloading our 14-day trial, during which you can fully test Outline's compatibility and features.

iOS Benefits

Multi-Touch Gestures
Turn the on-screen keyboard into a trackpad on your iPad. Tap it with two fingers, move the cursor, select text, and edit it.

Exclusive Sharing
Easily import information from Safari or other apps like Notes, Evernote, or Image Gallery to Outline. You can also export data from Outline to any app with Share Extensions.

And Even More

It follows and reflects the way your ideas grow
Free layout
Typing with Outline is as natural as writing on paper. You can start anywhere on a page, organize your ideas as text blocks, resize and move them around to build the best map of your mind.
Simple & Rich text notes
Outline's suite of formatting tools and build-in styles make your note-taking experience rich yet simple. Flawless support of standard OS X shortcuts quickens and optimizes this process.
Add files of any format to Outline page to keep all the relevant data in one place. Double click on the file to view it with the corresponding app afterward.
Files can also be inserted as printouts. It is up-to you to decide whether to add all the file sheets to one Outline page or split them into several ones.
Outline tables assist in organizing notes for a clear and structured view. Usual function in a simple and nice performance. Really convenient and addictive feature!
Extra tools
To organize notes even better and make them simpler for perception apply bulleted and numbered lists, use tags and check boxes. The spell check and line-word-character count help to revise your notes and provide quick statistics.
Use inter, intra, and wiki links to improve navigation between and within notebooks. External web links are also supported, offering a great way to connect your ideas and notes together.
Use Slide Over panel to quickly switch between Outline and other app or Split View mode to interact with both apps at the same time.
Sync & Backup
Besides local storage Outline supports popular clouds like Box, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, WebDAV, SharePoint or even your own.
There is always an alternative to all standard styles are included. Select your text and apply headings, change font size and color, or enhance perception with alignment, lists, and tags.
multiple devices
Make your notes more accessible on the go with Outline for iPhone and iPad. Don't miss out on this opportunity!
Share Extension & services
Import and export data using applications that support Share Extensions, or use Mac OS X Services without launching additional programs via contextual menus.

Thousands of Happy Customers All Around the World

It keeps me up to date
Because everything in it is so well thought out that it is very convenient to use.

All work notes and projects, household chores, plans, travel essays, and just thoughts about everything fit into this app. Worth its money.”
Great app
Outline is a great compliment to One Note in Microsoft. It works seamlessly across the IOS platforms and with One Note, so notes taken on one device are available on other devices.

It has great functionality for my needs and I use it almost every day for personal journaling and keeping track of other things.”
Love this App!!!
This is possibly the best little notebook app I have ever seen! I used this app all throughout nursing school and it helped me keep my notes so organized!!

Attach a little keyboard to your iPad and you have the best mini laptop and easy to use digital notebook. I loved that within each notebook you could...”

Outline for Business

OneNote alternative that works with local files on Mac and iPad

Various Types of Sync Providers

Besides local storage Outline supports popular clouds, such as OneDrive, MS Share Point, Dropbox, etc.

You can easily place your notebook files into cloud folder and have backups in more than just one place.

OneNote Alternative

Cannot use Office365 at your organization, but still want to be in sync with your colleagues using OneNote?

Outline provides a clean and reliable alternative for capturing and share business notes on Apple Devices.

Outline is fully compatible with OneNote file format, so it can work with OneNote notebooks stored on your local hard drive, local network or your company's approved cloud.

* OneNote alternative not tied to the Microsoft cloud. You can syncronize OneNote compatible notebooks using a cloud provider of your choice.

Local storage by Default

Outline allows opening notebooks not only from different services, but also creating them on a local drive.

This means that your notes will never leave your personal space unless you want them to.

Thousands of Teams already on Outline

Lead your work in a more productive way
Business users can download Outline for Mac directly from us.

Outline for Education

Learn. Capture. Succeed.


Plan & Keep track
Perfect for planning your week, managing tests & assignments, remembering extracurricular activities.


You can freely download any PDF files & add different details required for your studies using the rich spectrum of Outline tools.

If something is beyond words, ... draw! The drawing tool perfectly suits for sketching ideas, highlighting important blocks, annotating texts, images and inserted documents. A set of pens, markers and highlighters is at your disposal.


• Export & E-mail
Outline pages and entire sections can be exported to PDF for further actions, or they can be emailed & printed.

• Co-editing via a shared cloud
Besides local storage Outline supports popular clouds, such as OneDrive, MS SharePoint, Dropbox, iCloud and so on, which you can also use for sharing.

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